Laboum Yulhee's strange Facebook post with FT Island Minhwan

“10 minutes before our heartbreaking goodbye… We fidgeted around because we didn’t want to go ㅋㅋ I almost cried ㅠㅠ… But seeing him in pictures makes me breathe again <3 D-9”

(The Facebook post is now deleted)


Instiz: Laboum Yulhee made a mistake with her Facebook account

– Isn’t she gonna be on The Unit? Hul

– Hul… I think the background is Minhwan’s place ㅠㅠ She must’ve checked twice before posting it ㅠㅠ

– Ah… I really hate how Minhwan’s relationship is exposed in this way

– She had deleted all of her Instagram posts before so I thought they broke up. I guess they’re dating again…

– Same as IU

– Recently, three fansite masters of Yulhee shut down their fansites together

– SNS really is a waste of time… What did Minhwan even do

– I guess she meant to post it as private but selected ‘friends only’ as a mistake, and one of her friends took a screencap?

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