Joo Won cast in drama remake of 'My Sassy Girl'

Dong A – Naver: Joo Won cast in ‘My Sassy Girl’… Last work before enlistment 

1. [+5,179, -131] The movie is too legendary that this would pale in comparison….They must do it right to get their money’s worth

2. [+3,339, -94] Honestly, the saggy girl’s image is too strong that anyone who’s cast for it will receive some not-so positive reactions

3. [+2,197, -126] Let’s not ruin the original

4. [+1,708, -89] It’s been remade into a movie, so they’re making a drama too?

5. [+635, -63] He built up such a good image for himself but he won’t be enlisting in active service..

6. [+559, -58] Enlistment, yeah right? Unless you’re in active service, don’t even call it enlistment

tv Report – Daum:  Joo Won joins.. Who will be the ‘2nd Jun Ji Hyun’?

1. [+825, -92] It honestly doesn’t suit Joo Won. The original was so successful that it would be tough to beat it

2. [+1,023, -360] Joo Won’s so-so… There are tons of actors lately, why him?

3. [+572, -89] Nothing can beat the original.. But I’m excited for this

4. [+280, -42] Someone who seems ordinary but can look glamorous even in a plain t-shirt. There’s no other actress who can pull that off better than Jun Ji Hyun

5. [+239, -17] I like Joo Won but the role doesn’t match his image.. Either he’s a miscast or he could do wonders in this drama

6. [+215, -20] Please don’t cast a nuna or geumsujos (tn: relying on a family member’s connections)

7. [+224, -39] Doesn’t suit Joo Won

8. [+158, -11] Joo Won’s an amazing actor but it doesn’t suit his image. A different actor who has the naive vibe would be better

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