Haha hopes for a MuDo reunion with Hyung Don, Hong Chul and Gil

Ilgan Sports – Naver: “How nice would it be if we all get together with Hyung Don, Hong Chul and Gil”

1. [+8,767, -304] Just perused through it but Haha is so outspoken

2. [+7,214, -223] I miss Hyung Don ㅜ Please come back to MuDoㅜㅜ

3. [+7,126, -373] I miss the old Mudo with the 7 members

4. [+6,268, -158] Must be the fact that Haha is a celebrity and wears trendy clothing but he’s already a middle aged guy….We’re both getting older but why does it make me sad?ㅜㅋㅋ

5. [+4,613, -282] How nice would that be…

6. [+1,361, -86] Ah.. it’s a love-hate relationship with Noh Hong Chul.. Why did he have to drink and drive?.. but on the other hand, if he’s on MuDo right now, they’d create way more ideas

7. [+1,251, -64] I miss Jung Hyung Don, please return soon

8. [+1,208, -54] It’s obvious that the current lineup is not as strong as before. Kwanghee works hard but that position requires you to be good

9. [+1,248, -81] He knows that he’ll get bashed but it’s amazing of him to talk so openly about it.. If you’ve been a MuDo fan for a long time now, you’d agree with Haha ㅠㅠ Whatever went on with the show back then, I’d watch it no matter what but lately, it’s just so-so ㅠㅠ I liked those days when I  downloaded episodes even if I had to spend money ㅠㅠ I cried when Gil left. I hope that someday, the 7 of them will do the opening scene togetherㅠㅠ

10. [+1,077, -33] Haha gets so much hate lately but he speaks so well about his heartaches. With the current 5-member format, the ratings would drop if they didn’t have a prankster character like him. He’s doing a good job despite the criticisms

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